Required Courses

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Creating Transformational Workshops (2 day)
A weekend overview
For anyone interested in gathering and leading groups.
When you’re clear about your calling and you’ve got the right tools, you’re in a powerful position to help others. Are you ready to bring what you’re passionate about into group settings in ways that create group synergy, original thinking, and breakthrough solutions?
Learn how to create a culture of cooperation based on insight, empathy, and intentional practices. Set the stage for creative leaps, deep learning, and fun, drawing on the wisdom traditions and evidence-based science.
You take home:

  • Tools that link the heart and mind, and lead to self-discovery
  • The keys to collective wisdom and ways to spark group creativity
  • Interactive techniques to energize, connect, and empower people
  • The ability to champion your workshops with marketing tips
  • Accountability partners and a peer-support network to rely on.
  • Group input and feedback help you discover your strengths, sharpen your vision, unfold your ideas, and develop an action plan.

Note: Tuition includes a mind-body manual


Designing and Leading Transformational Workshops (5 day)
An intensive practice lab
For everyone.
Immerse yourself in a life-transforming retreat and change forever the way you teach. Learn to design and lead mind-body experiences that touch the heart, move the imagination, and inspire self-discovery. Create the conditions for extraordinary outcomes, optimal learning, and creativity in your workshops, retreats, and trainings.
This program includes:

  • Insights into the science of mind-body learning
  • Core tools for the craft of experiential teaching
  • A visioning process linking heart and mind to build your action plan
  • Keys to collective wisdom and ways to spark group creativity
  • Marketing tips to champion your workshops.

This training teaches you how to set the stage for “aha’s,” insights, and breakthrough solutions in which the magic of group synergy uplifts your participants. In a compassionate setting, you get valuable feedback and practice using interactive tools to guide people toward self-empowerment. Set your sights on mastery and prepare to be surprised.

NOTE:  Tuition includes a 100-page manual with checklists, templates, and tools to help you organize and prioritize.


Facilitating Transformational Workshops (4 day)
Group Dynamics and Coaching
For everyone interested in facilitating the wisdom of individuals and groups. CE credits.

The challenges of our times call on us to be wise together. Discover how to create the conditions for transformation, accountability, and creativity in your groups, workshops, retreats, and trainings. Empower yourself and others to heal, grow, and awaken by cultivating trust—the foundation for safe inquiry and authentic dialogue.

We enjoy building communities of cooperation based on insight, empathy, and evidence-based mind-body practices. They invite you to become more confident as a guide for self-discovery, and more effective in receiving full participation, holding a safe and caring container, and working sensitively with feelings, needs and difficult behaviors. Your participants can’t help but succeed, and you’ll have more positive outcomes (and fun!) with your groups and clients, when you

  • Get clear about your goals, strengths and challenges as a leader
  • Use the tools of intention, attention, agreements, and conscious communication
  • Hone your skills to listen, reflect, encourage, and ask powerful questions
  • Respond wisely in order to clear obstacles, upsets, stuck behavior and confusion
  • Build consensus and group synergy with your natural support and steady presence

The group process is easier when you transform your own life first. By being present, not perfect, you set the stage for inclusive solutions and sustainable results. Role-plays, fish-bowl simulations, and case studies from Kripalu’s 50-year history as a holistic leader make this workshop dynamic, interactive and unforgettable.

NOTE: Tuition includes a 100-page manual with intake interviews, templates, checklists, and behavior contracts, as well as tools for safety and crisis management

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