Additional Requirements


1. Design and lead two workshops: Within two years of starting this training, we ask that you design and lead two workshops (or redesign and lead an existing workshop). These might be a series of experiential classes, groups or a one-time workshop. And, receive written feedback in the form of evaluations from participants.

2. Reflection on your experience of designing and leading two workshops or groups: This reflection will include:

  • Date or period of time (if multiple week session)
  • Composition of group (special interest, general population)
  • Focus of delivery (your intentions, primary experiences, goals)
  • Format of session (what you offered, sequence)
  • What occurred, pros and cons (what worked well or not)
  • What you learned from leading the workshop, your takeaways
  • How will you reshape the workshop based on your experience?

3.  Attend four workshops or experiential classes of any length, and record your observations: Document the sessions/groups that you attended. Keep your responses to one page per entry. Record any new insights, or places in the workshop in which you felt unclear, or have questions for reflection and discussion with your mentor. Use the workshop spreadsheet (session plan worksheet in your manual) to observe and record the workshop experiential sequence. On a separate sheet, record your evaluation of the workshop:

  • Focus of session (purpose, objectives, stated outcomes)
  • What mind body experiences were used? What was your response?
  • What did you learn? (insight or understanding)

4.  Facilitation sessions: Include a minimum of 5 sessions using individual clearing facilitations, or mind body coaching sessions. Recommended format to record your facilitations or sessions:

  • Date and length of the session (e.g. 20 minutes)
  • Focus of the session (e.g. a particular issue, problem, concern)
  • What did you learn from offering this session?

Required reading for certification

Nelson, Ken. Creating the Conditions for Transformation: How to design and lead mind-body workshops, trainings and retreats
Taylor, Kylea. 1995, The Ethics of Caring (Santa Cruz: Hanford Mead Publishers)
Miller, Richard. 2005, Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga (Boulder, CO: Sounds True, Inc.)

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