Hands down the best training

“I’m still on such a high from our workshop! It was hands down the best training I’ve ever attended. It was enjoyable, well-paced, full of valuable content, and offered so many opportunities for connection.

I’m inspired and motivated with so many take-aways and action items. Pairing us up with accountability partners was such a valuable exchange of content-related feedback, suggestions, and advice, Wonderful for all three of us, not just a cheerleading session. I’m highly driven by accountability, so despite coming home to a busy week with my children, work, and a hundred other “everyday life” tasks, I found a way to meet my first goal, which was such an amazing and freeing experience. I discovered even more creative possibilities within.

EVERYTHING in the manual is clear and rich with valuable information that I WILL use in my workshops. I didn’t have to take notes, so I could stay present. I’ll be presenting my first workshop in a week, and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Thank you! It’s a gift from the universe!—[Erica Conway, NY. Life Coach, Professional Organizer/Efficiency Expert, Yoga Instructor]

Words can’t convey the depths of my heart that awakened last week.

“I expected this workshop would help me learn how to be a better educator. But what I didn’t expect was that it would also be so intensely personally meaningful and would help me learn how to be a more integrated, authentic, and powerful version of myself.

I’m still carrying the wisdom of the circle with me throughout my daily life a week later. Admittedly, I’ve been surprised at how hard it is to articulate to people what, exactly, I experienced. Sure, I have words which become more nuanced and precise each time I write or talk about my experience. But the feeling? Somehow the words can’t convey the depths of my heart that awakened last week.

You have given me the much-needed courage to bring more of myself and my heart into my classroom and work life. The harvest has already been bountiful, and I look forward to sharing the fruits of our workshop in the years ahead.” [Stephenie Chaudoir, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA]

“Thank you! My way of doing workshops has been forever changed”–[Susan Anderson, The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, Black Swan: Twelve Lessons of Emotional and Spiritual Healing]


“Ken’s workshop brilliantly modeled what he was helping us to learn. The group spirit Ken cultivated helped me see how to carry this into the most challenging social change assignments”–[Rachel Bagby, Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women’s Voices]


“Ken is a superlative facilitator, experienced, wise, compassionate, generous to a fault”–[Kurt Leland, Music and the Soul: A Listener’s Guide to Achieving Transcendent Musical Experiences]


“Ken is absolutely the epitome of a great workshop leader”–[Diana Robinson, To Stretch a Plank: A Survey of Psychokinesis]


“Ken, you modeled unconditional acceptance in the face of intense difficulty, without sacrificing the intended agenda of the workshop”–[Grace Luddy, professor, photographer, workshop facilitator]


Here’s what these leaders got from Ken’s workshops

‣I watched and learned from a master about teaching & leading.
‣Creating a safe space, identifying issues and establishing strategies.
‣How to sequence tasks, so one door opens to another.
‣How to take the “juice” right back into my own groups!
‣Bonding, belonging and community: how to forge friendships & cross bridges.
‣Ways to prepare people to share in small and large groups.
‣Ken’s soft, easy-paced, humorous and nonjudgmental leading was superb.
‣He holds space for listening and focuses group and individual process.
‣How conscious communication in an open forum smoothes out wrinkles.

One leader’s experience following our workshop training:
Susan returned to Manhattan after presenting at Esalen in Big Sur. She had been experimenting with the question of how little information from her book it would take to provide a learning platform, to cultivate deep intimacy and inner exploration? After taking our training she was thrilled.

Leading a workshop that was almost all process was totally new for me!
How little could I talk? How sparse could I keep the information? This time, I trimmed the content down to almost nothing so I could allow more time to focus on group process.
The group shared deeply—in their journals, within the dyads, and in small and large groups. Although it was not my aim, I noticed they were all buying my books at the bookstore! Thank you! My way of doing workshops has been forever changed.

Susan Anderson, psychotherapist, The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, a book recently compared to the ground-breaking work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Ken’s clients present at leading venues Esalen, Hollyhock, Kripalu, Omega, NY Open Center, and more.

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