Ken-Nelson-B-5-QIGONG-SQ-300x300What is Qigong? The ancient Chinese health care system uses postures, breathing and mindfulness for health, healing and vitality. Qi (Chi) means life force. Gong (Kung) means practice to cultivate energy.

Everyone can benefit. Regardless of your physical fitness or age. Breathing with slow, easy, gentle and rhythmic movement integrates body, mind and spirit.

The best medicine is already inside us. Qigong stimulates meridians to enhance your immune system and maintain wellbeing.

You will experience:

  • Basic posture, balance and breath control
  • Evidence-based practices for strength, stamina, stability, and flexibility
  • Stretching and moving to enhance Qi (Chi) flow in the body
  • A lying down guided relaxation to deeply let go

Qigong is a term for all energy exercises, including the softer internal Taiji (Tai Chi) and the vigorous martial arts of Gong Fu (Kung Fu). To practice, wear loose comfortable clothing.

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