Which Program meets my needs?

Our three-program training is a complete path to becoming a transformational workshop leader.

In each program you will experience, in action

  • Science of mind-body learning
  • Craft of experiential teaching
  • Art of facilitating transformation

Takeaways from each training

  • Clarity about your purpose and path
  • How to champion your workshops with marketing tips
  • A written guide to mind-body experiences for workshops, retreats and trainings
  • Take home a support network of facilitators to rely upon

Advance your career by getting certified, or by taking any of the three programs, which can be taken in any order.

Creating Transformational Workshops (2-day)

An overview of the field, clarity about your calling, interactive techniques to shape your teaching content and process, and ways to make the learning fun. You’ll be able to craft safe relational (sacred) space using our Seven Keys to Group Wisdom. You’ll change forever the way you teach and lead with our Nine Ways to Spark Group Creativity and Explore Ideas. Take home new insights in the science of mind-body learning and collective intelligence, and walk away with a support network to help you grow as an experiential leader. In this program, you will learn to:

  • Guide your vision with a mission statement
  • Craft transformational workshops in 4 phases
  • Create the plan of action your work is calling for

Designing & Leading Transformational Workshops (5-day)

A life-changing immersion in teaching at your creative edge. You’ll build confidence in organizing material and leading from Source. You’ll get practice and feedback in using mind-body tools to create the conditions for transformational learning. The heart of the workshop is leading your peers in small groups, in a compassionate setting, using experiential methods. A self-mentoring model helps you stay true to what’s transformational about your workshops. Our “designated driver” leadership makes you the guide on the side (not the sage on the stage). By promoting self-discovery as the key to transformation, it lets you off the hook for having to be the expert, to know all the answers. You’ll meet your group as they are, invite them on board, and help them to enjoy the journey. Stay connected for years to come with a support network of experiential leaders. In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Use a visioning process that links heart and mind
  • Design, deliver and receive feedback using a three-step model
  • Explore ways to ignite collective wisdom and group creativity
  • Build and sustain confidence with your natural leadership style

Facilitating Transformational Workshops (4-day)

A living laboratory for practicing skillful group process. You’ll learn how trust and cooperation create a space for inclusive solutions and sustainable results. Experience success with three challenges to leaders: receiving full participation, managing difficult behaviors, and holding a caring container for transformation. Uncover your hidden leadership strengths by practicing facilitation skills and tools using conscious communication in fish-bowl simulations and by role-playing case studies. Discover the attachments, attractions and fears that keep you from success—learning how the most challenging participant is really our self in disguise—and what to do about it. Redefine the leader as a shape-shifter for the common good, and learn when to take on the role of director, delegator, negotiator or group member. Learn to fit in as you are called, and become the natural response in every situation.

  • Learn facilitation skills: presencing, listening, reflecting, questioning, intervening, clearing
  • Practice the discovery process/mind-body coaching, as a primary tool of facilitation
  • Get clear about the root causes of obstacles, and resolve differences effectively
  • Raise individual and collective energy from vision to action
If the training is so transformational, why isn’t it more intensive? Why are the sessions planned at only 3 morning hours, 2 afternoon hours, and 1.5 evening hours. It seems too little at a total of only 6.5 in-session hours a day.

We follow the normal Kripalu schedule, which offers Kripalu morning yoga, noon-time programs, and evening yoga between our training sessions. We think you will find the training satisfies your need for in-session time. Kripalu is a laboratory for experiential learning. So, between sessions you have time for private talks with other training participants and our staff; and morning and evening yoga and Kripalu noon-time sessions, including noon meditation/noon Yoga Dance offer body-mind integration, during which time many of the in-session experiences have time to settle, deepen, and grow to fruition.

Let us know how we can serve your needs and interests.

What questions do you have?

Thank you,

Ken and Lesli

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