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Let Ken’s soothing voice guide you through a healing and rejuvenating experience of deep relaxation or learn Qigong and Taiji exercises to nourish your vital energy. Audio and Video downloads are available for purchase on our online store.


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1 week ago

Powerful Workshops

We had a great training for these 34 leaders, July 26-28 at Kripalu, for Creating Transformational Workshops! ...

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Testimonials for Ken & Lesli

I expected to learn tips and tactics. I had no idea how personally transformational it would be. My confidence and effectiveness improved so much I was thrilled (and so were my clients). It’s taken my work to a whole new level, opened my heart, honed my craft, and made my contribution to people’s lives more gratifying.
~ Katie Jay, MSW, Certified Wellness Coach and author; Director, National Association for Weight Loss Surgery.